Reborn Art Festival

Experience a fresh reality

In 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, devastating the coastal Sanriku region. In some areas, over 80% of the buildings were swept away. Recovery from such complete devastation has been gradual and hard-earned, fueled by the courage and determination of volunteers and local communities.


Every other year, the Sanriku region hosts the Reborn Art Festival, a two-month-long contemporary art festival. Founded in 2017, its mission is to spread awareness of and support the region’s recovery. It celebrates the revival of local culture and industry, contemporary and traditional aspects alike, through a variety of media, from sculpture to locavore cuisine.


The keystones of the Reborn Art Festival are the site-specific artworks dotted throughout Ishinomaki City and the rural Oshika Peninsula. Even outside of the festival sessions, many of these artworks are available for viewing as permanent installations. When the festival is in session, it also features immersive art experiences such as participatory performance art and gastronomic “adventures”.


The Reborn Art Festival is a microcosm of the new experiences and fresh perspectives Miyagi has to offer. Come enjoy, come be a part of the cultural revival taking place in Sanriku and communities across Miyagi.

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