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Island stroll with 300 species of native plants and flowers

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Fukuurajima Island is a highlight of Matsushima hidden in plain sight. While the sightseeing boats offer great island views from the sea, and scenic overlooks offer great views from land, a visit to Matsushima isn’t complete without setting foot on an island yourself.

Sakan Shoan Ryokan

Secluded luxury inn on Matsushima Bay

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Shoan’s secluded location makes it unique among Matsushima accommodations. Explore nearby peninsulas jutting into Matsushima Bay, hike Mount Tomiyama for a great bay view, or head to nearby Miyatojima Island for a cruise of the dramatic Sagakei Gorge.

Godaido Temple

The symbol of Matsushima

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Godaido Temple is the symbol of Matsushima. It was first established in 828 CE by Jikaku Taishi, who also founded Zuiganji Temple, and others in Yamadera and Hiraizumi. He enshrined statues of the Five Great Wisdom Kings here. The original statues are now housed in the Zuiganji Temple Museum and only put on display at Godaido every thirty-three years.
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