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  • Miyagi Inbound DMO association

    Mt. Zao

    English, Chinese


    Miyagi Inbound DMO is the organization that promotes promotion about tourism through partnerships with governments and companies in the southern Miyagi.

  • In-outbound Sendai Matsushima Inc.

    Sendai, Matsushima Bay, Sanriku Coast, Mt. Zao, Northern Miyagi, Near Miyagi

    English, Chinese, other language guides available upon request

    022-302-7430 /

    What’s Tohoku Local Secret Tours?
    ・The local culture and customs not found online or in guidebooks
    ・The flavours and festivals of each season
    ・The bars and restaurants frequented by locals
    ・Connections with local people and local knowledge
    Got your attention? Then Tohoku ‘Local Secret’ Tours are your kind of travel! Each tour is joined by a local guide. They’ll help you uncover an unseen Japan, hidden within the local ‘everyday’.

  • Ishinomaki Area Tourism Promotion Organization

    Sanriku Coast

    English, Chinese (Basic conversation level)


    This organization aims to promote and improve tourism in Ishinomaki City, Higashi Matsushima City and Onagawa Town, all of which suffered catastrophic damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake and ensuing tsunami of March 2011. In addition to promoting cycling tourism, we also offer hands-on participatory package tours.

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