Marija Temelkovski

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  • Marija Temelkovski


  • Marija, originally from Vancouver, Canada, worked as an ALT in Shiogama through the JET Programme. During her time in Japan, she also volunteered as a trip planner for tours around Miyagi with the Miyagi JET Association. She vividly recalls a recovery tour to Minamisanriku and Rikuzentakata where she was able to hear stories told directly by disaster survivors themselves. That prompted her to reflect that we don’t spend enough time practicing gratitude and being truly happy with what we have. She says, “The beauty of Miyagi is in its people.”


    Shiogama-ko Sushi

    Where locals go for sushi

    Matsushima Bay

    Shiogama-Jinja Shrine

    Centuries-old shrine overlooking Matsushima Bay

    Matsushima Bay