Miyagi Restaurant Special

Experience the purest form of Japanese hospitality

In recent years, independent travel in Japan has become more and more popular. Compared to group travel, the biggest advantage of independent travel is that it allows you to discover local attractions at your own pace, without the constraints of time. The drawback, however, is the language barrier. You’ve traveled all the way to Miyagi and found a few charming, authentic izakayas on the streets. You want to enjoy the food as soon as possible, but you are afraid to enter because you don’t understand the language, right? Don’t worry! In this Miyagi Restaurant Special, we’ll introduce you to 15 foreigner-friendly restaurants.


The staff at these restaurants may not always be able to provide you with perfect foreign language service, but they will do their best to make you feel welcome. They may only speak a few words of English or try their best to communicate with you through gestures, but you’ll never feel excluded. “Every moment is once in a lifetime, so welcome it with all your heart” is the spirit that Japanese people have always cherished, so all that remains is for you to have the courage to step in!

About Miyagi

Miyagi Prefecture offers unique and diverse experiences. Sendai, the cosmopolitan capital of Miyagi, is populated with lush greenery and yokocho alleys, while to the west is the iconic crater lake of Mount Zao, and to the east lies Matsushima, known as one of the Three Most Scenic Places of Japan. Miyagi also provides direct access to all the other prefectures of the Tohoku region, a vast unexplored area full of nature and rich culinary traditions, completely different from typical tourist destinations of Japan.

Miyagi is located about 300 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, a trip that takes as little as 90 minutes by shinkansen bullet train. Miyagi is also home to a ferry port and the Sendai International Airport. Direct flights are available from Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Korea, as well as major cities across Japan. A flight to Sendai from Sapporo takes just 75 minutes, a flight from Osaka just 85 minutes.


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